Trade Services

Over 22 years experience of Rānā Tejārat-e Caspian's (RTC) Expert Group in commercial exchange with Central Asian Countries and issues related to exports and imports together with a thorough understanding of the laws and customs regulations, and above all, the dominance over the situation and potential markets of the ECO member states will support your business to confidently accomplish your economic activities in this area.

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Transportation Services

Over the last decade, utilizing the most modern vehicles and road fleet with experienced and professional drivers on the one hand, and proper understanding of transport conditions and regulations on the other, Rānā Tejārat-e Caspian's (RTC) Transportation Group has provided valuable services to producers and businessmen for receiving their commercial shipments accurately and with complete delivery in their specified target market.

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Business Consultation

Business Consultation department of RTC is a collection of talented faculty members and best university graduates that have unique experiences in establishment and development of entrepreneurial and economic firms due to cooperation with important companies and organizations of Iran as well as multiple experiences in strategic management of the projects in different business fields.

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Managing Director's Message

It is a great honor and pleasure that the current system has provided conditions for us to interact with you as our honorable customers and audience who have considered Rānā Tejārat-e Caspian to be eligible to offer you decent services. 

Rānā Tejārat-e Caspian Company is proud to announce that in two decades of experience utilizing both knowledge and energy of young and experienced industrial and economic forces and a number of resourceful managers, it has been in a considerable progress and development course to become a reputable and leading active company in the field of internal trade and export of various products to the neighboring countries. The achievements of Rānā Tejārat-e Caspian Co. owes largely to synergistic trust and interaction with high-level components of the value chain from manufacturers and suppliers to customers as the main capitals of the organization.

Since its establishment, Rānā Tejārat-e Caspian have been trying to provide right services through intelligent academic study of competitive environment, evaluation of business features and professional understanding of demands' enterprises all around Iran.

Rānā Tejārat-e Caspian Co. relying on the help of the Great God and your continuous valuable trust investment seeks to continue its growing trend in line with horizons of the 1404 Outlook Document of Iran to become the most prestigious and reliable business partner in target markets and continues to expand its activities in  domestic and international dimensions to make its country be proud of, creating value for all stakeholders by using creative strategies while playing a significant role in the national economy for all beneficiaries.

Since its establishment the customer respect and curtsey in the form of versatile, accurate, timely and innovative services away from administrative complexities along with the timely supply and quality products and providing services from the most reliable sources with the best facilities and supports have been the central strategies of Rānā Tejārat-e Caspian.

To achieve this purpose considering the existing abilities and infrastructure, modern hardware and software facilities have been used to gain your satisfaction and trust. Employees of Rānā Tejārat-e Caspian Company in all official levels from top to bottom seek to provide good infrastructure to increase customer satisfaction.

Employees at all levels try to meet customers' requirements by participation, empathy and sympathy and consider the customers' requests as their own goal and they are ready to take your pieces of advice and suggestions to improve their customer orientation.

We hope to take your satisfaction in terms of customer-oriented and decent service-provision.

Hāshem Rezvani,

Managing Director of RTC

Some clients of Rana Tejarat Caspian